Week 2 – Surfing Turtle


Inspired by the (truly hideous) but very popular hawaiian tourist style t-shirts that were all the go back in  the 70’s and 80’s …

So why Turtles? well I personally think these particular reptiles are amazing. My partner and I went to a small wildlife place a few years ago in Hokitika, NZ . This place had a turtle tank and it was really my first up-close experience with turtles of any kind.  I’m not sure how many were in the tank but they all came swimming up to us and watched us intently. I was totally charmed and ever since then my partner has wanted one (or twenty) and had plans to convert the bath tub into a turtle tank.. until we remodelled the bath room and the bath got just a little bit damaged as it sailed down a concrete flight of steps.

There are hundreds of Turtle and tortoise  species and they can live (depending on the species) anywhere between 30 – 100 years. However there are many endangered species in the world and the newest article I could find lists 25 critically endangered, and that was from 2011.   Most are endangered because of how humans are behaving (not real surprises there!)  there are some really amazing conservation efforts going on around the world and my goal with this t shirt is to give 10% of any proceeds to the Malaysian Green Turtle via WWF.. so go ahead and grab one you’ll not only look great but feel good about it!

Anyway see you next week with another “socially responsible” T !!


Grab a Surfing Turtle T-shirt 




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