The Aliens have landed!!


Well Christmas and new year are well and truly done and dusted (oh the relief). Its not really my favourite time of year for a variety of different reasons, however, i banned myself from doing anything really seriously work related for a couple of weeks and it gave me a whole bunch of good ideas for this year.. Like this one… I’m always drawing  and most of it is fun little sets of things that I create in response to something that I’ve heard or seen and all of it is good practice.. but what to do with the ones I really like that don’t have a lot of application to my own work? Well, I could digitise them and sell them to other people in need of crazy hand drawn resources … you know like time starved designers, that sort of thing.

Anyway its all for sale over at gumroad  (click the picture) .. I’ll be adding a new set every week, either something fresh or something from my sketch book.. Oh let me know if you need something drawn specially for you too, I can definitely help  🙂

Have a great week

Mouse Black


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