Embrace the Journey – T Shirt design #1




Don’t ya just love that expression –  Embrace the journey?  Usually bandied about by those who are having a much better time that you but want you to feel better, well meaning though it is sometimes it just gets my hackles up.  But then sometimes you are on the journey worth embracing – warm sunny beach going days, full of  travel interesting people and lovely cool evening drinks teamed with fabulous conversations – well that’s my version of a  journey worth having.

Unfortunately  Its been the other kind of journey sort of week .. the one where you applied for a ton of jobs and then your phone goes and craps itself in a fairly unfixable sort of way on the week when money is as abundant been like blades of grass in a dessert and your new favourite food is rice with nothing sauce. Its the whole statue/ pigeon thing and I think right now I might be a bit of a cosmic statue, Or maybe I’m just over reacting due to a distinct lack of nicotine, it really is hard to say.

Anyway enough of the moaning – this t-shirt is about those long warm summer days, travelling and hanging out at beaches – The Journey we all want to embrace ..

You can find this t-shirt design for sale HERE.  Sizes and colour options vary by style.














Men’s lightweight hoodie



Beginning at the End

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No I am not going to start wearing a sandwich board and roaming the streets looking more than a little destitute..  its coming up on the END of 2016 and I just want to make like a mirror and take a couple of minutes to reflect on how its been.

John Key (that’s the Prime minister of New Zealand folks) just quit, Brexit happened and a bunch of people saw fit to vote in Donald Trump as the new US president, 2016 – fairly politically ridiculous and then there’s the whole Australian Govt. stance on climate change just to add to the stupidity of the year that’s on its way out.  Never mind the politics   2016 is also the year that bought us Standing Rock, The Kaikoura 7.8 earthquake, Zika virus outbreak in time for the Rio Olympics, and the whole planet slowing by 1 second.  Its been pretty eventful alright and we still have a month to go .. where is it all leading? Nobody knows least of all me.
This year has been intense to say the least – the kind of year that leaves you feeling like you just got shot out of a cannon and have nowhere soft to land!  It started out with this time last year selling up everything we owned (except my art supplies and our super comfy bed) and moving into a cabin in the woods amid fears from family and friends that we may have totally lost our shit and joined a cult. No, just a charity where we are live in volunteers.
I went back to “School” to get some formal design qualifications to add to the large pile of other qualifications that I have rotting in a folder somewhere.
In the middle of the year my step father died and I went home, came back, did another design course, we moved back into a real house in a (ahem) real town so I could start building a wee design business. Through all of this I have been job hunting and getting nowhere fast,  and wondering if anybody actually bothers to reply to job applications anymore??
It hasn’t all been hard slog however –  I have met some rocking cool people and really discovered who my friends are those who have supported me, laughed with (and at) me, encouraged me and helped me pay my way. What more could a chick ask for?  Not much except maybe a bit more cash flow… I know you feel my pain!!
So here I am a year later I am already looking forward to next year.. what am I going to do with it? Some new quals a (very) small business, no cash, great friends and a need to make the coming year something magical, a bit exciting, lots of fun, financially solvent and well just plain bloody cool actually… as I don’t do resolutions (why would ya bother? just made to be broken those things)  I have set myself a challenge .. A design challenge, well two actually but who’s counting?

Challenge #1

Can I start and run a business that uses skills I already have and keeps me in socks and teabags while raises awareness and funds for things that matter?  Can I do this in a year?
Well, yes I can – So I give you the 52 week challenge – which is a 365 day challenge really but 52 weeks sound so much less daunting, right?
I am going to create a new t-shirt design every week for a year based on something that matters – human rights, animal rights, homelessness, endangered species, you get the idea, See how many I can sell and give 10% of everything raised to an appropriate charity.

Challenge #2 

Create an amusing coffee table book based on a series of artworks and have it published.  I think this is going to be more of a challenge as I don’t know any publishers.. the artworks bit is fine, its just the publishers … All good I will have a go!
and then just cos I haven’t given myself enough work I’m going to blog about it. I dont know where all of this is going but I do like a challenge and at the end of the day what have i got to loose? Absolutely nothing..
My time starts NOW.